Car Detail Training Toronto & GTA

The courses provided by AAA AUTO SPA , 20+ years experience in the car detailing World, will cover the advanced detailing skills, methods and application on a variety of vehicles.

The courses are provided on a one to one basis or in small groups, depending on the requirements of the individual. We aim to provide courses that provide enough knowledge for the complete beginner, experienced novice and more to become a fully experienced detailer. The course is an ideal opportunity for any individual to set up their own detailing business.

We will teach everything from sales techniques to advanced communication skills. Under our tutorial, you will learn how to safely and correctly use all chemicals, machines and accessories to maximum efficiency.

If you are looking to gain the right knowledge necessary to create a successful detailing business to detail prestige and classic cars. Or gain enough knowledge to detail your own car, then the detail training provided by AAA is the best for you.

Our professional detailing studio  is split into two bays, totaling 3,000 sq. ft.  Within a controlled environment, it is here to provide you with the industry’s best and most exciting training. Get a bespoke training course that is innovative, comprehensive, hands-on and smart training program for professional auto detailing.


Beginner courses

 Option 1

  • Washing procedures
  • Engine bay preparation
  • Decontamination process
  • Minor paintwork correction processes

1 or 2 day course – 1000$ per day per person

Option 2

  • Interior and leather
  • Glass polishing and coatings

Half day course – $500 per person

Experienced novice course with certificate 

  • Advanced paintwork correction – Rotary, DA, and wet sanding
  • Coatings and waxes
  • Vehicle inspection and assessment
  • Paint depth and gloss/orange peel instruments
  • Lighting and photography
  • Customer service and after care
  • Social media and marketing

2 day course – $1500 per person

4 day course – $3000 per person

Experienced pro course with certificate 

  • 5 day course bespoke to the individual or a companies requirements – $5000 per person