Premium Car Detail Studio

#1 In Toronto For A Reason

The AAA Auto Detail studio has been prepared to provide a pristine workplace for premium car detailing. We enhance your paintwork by lighting the area using specialist lighting rigs, using by 8,000 watts. This ensures that no paint defects go unseen. Under these conditions we are able to detect all the imperfections in your paintwork and carry out the unparalleled level of treatments that make up his premium auto detailing services.

By providing a full comprehensive detailing service at our professional studio, we are able to offer a more detailed service than mobile treatment providers can. By providing treatments in a studio, where we can control the environment we can provide a more comprehensive service.

The studio enables us to provide a more detailed service to key areas, such as the wheel casings, brake housing units, wheel arches and more.

We have a car lift that hydraulically lifts your car, safely and under control. This enables us to remove wheels, and trim safely and without access issues. The full treatment enables the very best treatments available on your car without worry about local weather conditions. Where wind and dust  can cause issues with the quality finish AAA always provides.