Easy Tips for Interior Auto Detailing

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Your detailing working on the exterior of your car is mostly enjoyed by others as you’re driving around, while the interior matters the most to you while you’re driving. Some aspects of interior detailing can be a pain from disgusting grime to hard to reach cracks and crevices, but these tips should give you a couple new ideas to try while speeding up the detailing process.

Interior Auto Detailing Tips

    1. For interiors that have seen better days and have been neglected, use a leaf blower or air compressor to blow out as much dirt and debris from the car as possible. It helps if you use a carpet and upholstery brush to agitate the carpets and seats to free any dirt that is deep down in the fibers. Compressed air also works great for blowing dirt out of tight, hard to reach places.
    2. Don’t spray cleaners and protectants directly onto delicate areas or electronics such as the center console, dash, unlock buttons/window buttons, perforated leather seats and the plastic gauge cluster. Spray your product onto a towel or applicator pad so you can better control where the product goes and how much product you use.
    3. Start with the top of the interior and work your way down. As your detailing dust and dirt will fall and soil what you’ve previously cleaned it. Work smart, not hard.
    4. Use the least aggressive method and products first. For example, if you are cleaning leather seats and they are slightly dirty, try using a microfiber towel and leather cleaner. If that doesn’t clean the seats to your satisfaction, spray cleaner onto the leather seats (do not do this for perforated leather, spray cleaner into the bristles of the brush) and agitate with a soft brush and remove the cleaner with a microfiber towel after agitation.
    5. If you like the look of carpet stripes they can easily be achieved by using a vacuum and by pulling the carpet fibers in opposite directions.
    6. It’s much easier to clean the windshield from the passenger seat and when needed to lean over the center console area. Remember to always spray your glass cleaner onto your glass cleaning towel. To obtain the right hand and arm position, turn your right hand so your palm is facing up and then turn your pinky side down until your elbow is facing up (counter clockwise) and it will be much easier to access the windshield without fighting the steering wheel.
    7. Check to see if your cup holders are easily removable. It makes heavily soiled and stained cup holders much easier to clean as you can leave them to soak in hot, soapy water while you work on other areas of the interior.
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