Cleaning Microfiber Towels Auto Detailing: 8 JANUARY 2015


The Importance of a Clean Microfiber in Auto Detailing Cleaning Microfiber Towels is a common subject in auto detailing, yet doesn’t receive an in-depth explanation. This is a bit strange because clean microfiber towels are ONE OF THE MOST CRITICAL COMPONENTS of any Detailer’s equipment and effective detailing procedures. Clean towels become increasingly more important the further along a vehicle moves through the detailing process. Because work should always be performed so that processes are moving forward; offering further refinement with each step toward finished results. Therefore, clean towels are most vital when vehicles reach the final polish stage or final wipe stage. This is the most critical time for a clean cloth, ensuring that no potential harm is caused by dirty or contaminated microfiber towels. This article offers information explaining why microfiber towels require the utmost cleanliness. More importantly, readers will learn how to obtain this optimal cleanliness. The methods described here work equally as well for anything constructed of microfibers such as applicator pads or wash mitts. Sorting Microfiber Towels Prior to Cleaning.

Before tackling how to clean, microfiber must be sorted. Grouping towels for washing will depend upon; their specific usage, soil level, and type of towel. This ensures cross-contamination from wheels or debris are not transferred onto finish paint towel etc. Cleaning Microfiber towels can prove a bit tricky since some towels bleed (usually darker colors) while others may lint. That being said, mixing these types of towels that have a potential to contaminate another type should be avoided. Therefore, wash towels of all the same type together. For example; wash all interior towels with one another, wheel towels together, polishing/compounding towels together, and so on and so forth. In addition to type, evaluating the level of soiling and type of soiling is necessary when pairing towels together when washing. A towel containing grease, hard embedded articles, or other substances or objects which could potentially transfer onto another towel during the washing and or drying process. If soiled beyond recovery of washing, then towels should be discarded, or demoted to a task where they cannot inflict harm on surfaces. Once towels have been sorted by type and by soil levels, they are ready to wash. Objectives of Cleaning Microfiber Towels What is the main purpose of cleaning microfiber? “To get it clean!” everyone will obviously and immediately blurt out, with a half laugh. Yes, this is absolutely true. However, microfiber pile functions optimally when unclogged and statically charged. Because Microfiber’s most significant and prized trait is clinging onto particles or liquids and holding onto them. The Overall objective of Cleaning Microfiber is to leave the individual microfiber fibers (pile) Completely Unclogged. Cleaning microfiber towels should continue until zero contaminants AND detergent remain embedded within the pile (individual strands) of the microfiber.