Upholstering, which means covered by material or leather elements of internal car equipment, require an unusually scrupulous care. Factory-made impregnation gets worse under an influence of running time, impurities creating on a surfaces, stains, small damages and even in a cleaning process, which make upholsters weaker. Only the best protecting products can help to prevail those destructive processes.


Nano Ceramic Leather

Unusually effective and durable preparation, devoted to leather car upholsters, which require a specific protection. The ceramic coating, which crystallizes after an application, causes gain of a clean and maximal protected upholster. Laying the protection covering counteracts against creation of awkward impurities – the residue does not stick to the upholster, and liquids do not absorb into the upholster structure (the hydrophobicity effect), which make impurities easy to remove. Nano Ceramic Protect Leathermakes the leather upholstery more resistant (against the UV radiation and other harmful external factors) and nourished and also brings a rich colour to it.

Nano Ceramic Protect Leather

Nano Ceramic Protect Leather set


Set contains:

  • 80 ml Nano Ceramic Protect Leather
  • sponge applicator
  • microfiber 30×30 cm

Nano Ceramic Protect Fabric

Nano Ceramic Protect Fabric is a product for impregnation for upholstery made from a material, alcantara, based on a modern nanotechnology, guarantees perfect protection for a long time. The ceramic protection covering prevents durable impurities and also helps to keep the upholstery in the factory-made condition as long as possible. Properly selected preparation formula allows to keep the hydrophobic feature of fabrics (water molecules repulsion from the material surface). The proper use of Nano Ceramic Protect Fabric guarantees the effective protection of upholstered elements inside the car for a term of 6 to 12 months.