what is ceramic coating?
Ceramic coating is an radical auto detailing product used to protect exterior and interior surfaces from common blemish inducing substances. Mainly made up of silica and titanium dioxide, both of these substances collectively form a covalent bond that’s hydrophobic in nature and creates a nano-ceramic shield over the vehicle’s clear coat. This protective shield provides durable protection against common environmental pollutants including insect acids, street salt, and bird droppings, Compounds, trapping,
small scrapes and helps protect the vehicle from the harmful rays of the sun. It’s these possessions, as well as the hydrophobic properties , which divides ceramic coatings against the archaic waxes or sealants.

Before we get any farther, the term ;hydrophobic; is defined as ;tending to repel or fail to mix with water. Hydrophobicity is the physical property of a molecule that is seemingly repelled from a mass of water.
Having a protective shield all over your paint and windshield on a rainy day will help you to see better and water will run off the paint surface. In results you don’t have to worry about water spots. This characteristic also help you to dry your car faster and safer after each wash, and gives you that off the showroom look every time.
Ceramic coating can be used on varieties of surfaces, anything from car exterior paint , rims, caliper ,windshield to interior leather seats , fabric , wood , dashboard .Also, can help you protect your other assets such as leather jackets , purse , wallet or shoes. It will help against premature damage and aging.
It is also protective against water damage swirling, oxidation and UV.
The clean up Cleanup a car that is protected with ceramic coating is far different and not as intensive then cleanup a non-protected surface. With ceramic coatings, then cleanup is as easy as spraying the exterior of a
surface with a hose or a bucket of water. The hydrophobicity of the coat will make dirt, mud, snow, grime, bird droppings, insect acids, road salt and other environmental contaminants to slide off the surface.
Basically it means more time appreciating the street and admiring the large gloss hydrophobic finish of the ceramic coat and not as much time washing your vehicle. With all this additional time on your hands,
an owner of a ceramic coated car can now spend more time enjoying the open road and driving than ever before! what is the difference between wax and ceramic coating An incredibly common question we get asked everyday is What is the difference between wax and ceramic coating . Wax is among the most popular and frequently known products for protection of
vehicles but, in contrast to ceramic coatings, wax is less durable , has a much shorter shelf life and requires far more maintenance. If you have ever waxed a vehicle before you’re well aware of the effort
that is involved and constant upkeep required to maintaining the condition. Yet, with ceramic coatings,vehicles have far less maintenance.

Many of the typical types of car waxes are composed of either, bees wax, paraffin wax, mineral wax, synthetic wax or carnauba wax. When these waxes can be inexpensive and picked up at your community automotive parts shop and applied by the consumer, but most of them don’t protect the
vehicle exactly the identical manner a ceramic coating may. Most waxes can’t be used on surfaces that get really hot , but ceramic coating has higher melting point so it can safely be applied to surfaces that get really hot such as brake calipers , engine and provide protection.

Although waxes tend to be a cheaper than the purchase price of ceramic coatings you usually get what you pay for. In actuality, sometimes can cause damage than any protection to your car. Many waxes applied in rush by people not having enough knowledge of how to apply them. Or the proper applicator pad or cloth will result to add swirl marks , scratches or damages that needs a professional to repair them. But once you bring you car to AAA Auto Spa , our certified and experienced technician will properly apply the ceramic coating to your car and you can rest assure that your vehicle will have the proper protection when you are enjoying your car.

To validate and guarantee the warranty for Ceramic coatings, most vehicles need to have their coated surfaces inspected on at least a yearly basis. You can’t take your vehicle through automatic car washes as most of them will damage your coating and will reduce the life of the coating on your paint. Since washing a coated vehicle is different than non coated one, a professional detailer that is certified in applying ceramic coating needs to inspect the vehicle or wash it properly.

Basically the biggest difference between and ceramic coating is amount of protection you get.