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AAA Auto Spa offers professional auto detailing anywhere in Toronto or surrounding areas of GTA  like North York , Thonhill or Mississauga. aaa car detailing in toronto-north york and thornhill
AAA AUTO SPA offers you the best mobile car detailing in GTA, with over 20 years experience in professional auto detailing industry you can be certain that all of our services are guaranteed to be 100% satisfactory to our client.

AAA Auto Spa is the world’s most renowned Professional car detailing company based in Toronto. Having first raised the profile of this highly specialised skill, AAA Auto Spa continues to set the standard for transforming motorcars new and old into stunning works of art. In an industry heavily laced with hyperbole, AAA Auto Spa’s customers and the cars that pass through our hands provide ample testimony to the superior quality of our auto detailing work.

When you book your car into AAA Car detailing, you know you are getting the master and nothing less. Every car detail treatment is carried out by us personally and every part of the service will be explained to you by our car detailing team professionals. No other professional car detailing company can offer that level of personal service from the world’s leading expert.

Interior and exterior car detailing plays a vital role in projecting the one of a kind professional business image, in addition to that, a super clean vehicle can tremendously add to your daily pleasure of driving in the first place. Much more importantly, improper car cleaning and detailing itself, can adversly affect the value of your car by 10% to 20%.

Thankfully, at AAA Auto Spa, we can help you take to the road as professionally and as confidently as possible. This is because our Toronto based mobile car detailing will help keep your car in peak aesthetic condition, whilst also helping you preserve your vehicle’s value for longer in the process.


AAA Auto Spa offers the best and safest steam car detailing service in GTA using OPTIMA and FORTADOR steam machines.

Steam is safe and natural. It’s not like those potentially harmful cleaning products that you see being used everyday. Steam cleaning technology has many benefits that you simply do not get using conventional car-wash and basic detailing systems. It offers the unique ability to disinfect, clean and sanitize your vehicle at the same time. It certainly helps killing bacteria, germs, viruses, mold, bugs, and other microorganisms when used properly by an expert.

Steam detailing has most notably become one of the best and popular options to clean your car in an eco-friendly manner. It is a great option to steam clean both the interior and exterior of your car. Doing so will give your car a new appearance, without the use of harmful chemicals which can prove dangerous for you and especially your kids. Steam cleaning utilizes less water and can easily clean many different components of your car. Thus, with steam cleaning you don’t even have to worry about water pooling in unwanted areas of your car, such as the electronic components .

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What is Car Detailing?
At AAA Auto Spa we receive many calls every day and being asked what is included in our packages.You asked what is professional car detailing?’  so we thought we would answer it. The term ‘detailing’ was initially an American term that we used since the early 80s. All of us wash our cars , or have our cars washed by an auto detailing company in GTA like AAA Auto Spa. Whether it’s as it is illegal to drive around in Ontario in a car where your number plates will be that dirty that you’re not able to see your car’s plate, or that you truly care about your car look and your paint cleanliness.

It doesn’t matter if you drive a luxury car and need a luxury car wash , bought a new car and need a new car detail package or a economy sedan which is being used for UBER or Taxi and need a basic car wash, we are here to help.

So, when does cleaning your car become’detailing’?! The process of cleaning your car can be called a basic clean, a valet, or professional detail, but what’s the difference?!

Your everyday car wash includes the kind of a wash they call basic wash and vac, that will do a shampoo clean (of the entire vehicle like wheels and tires), a wiping off using a towel to stop any water spots or stripes, and on occasion a spray wax. That is as much as far as it goes, unless you go to a fancy car wash area and they offer you an air freshener — which (more often than) not smells like cheap lemony household cleaning solutions.

To put it simply, getting your car detailed means a top-to-bottom comprehensive cleaning of your automobile utilizing specialized tools and products. usually, a detailer may also perform some light cosmetic touch-ups, however, the procedure doesn’t consist of paintwork or body repairs.

AAA Auto Spa Car detailing offers different services including but not limited to Professional Car Detailing Which you can see our car detailing prices here and Mobile Car detailing  which involves a complete and professional cleaning and reconditioning the interior and outside of the automobile. The goal of this would be to restore the paintwork by eliminating scratches or swirl marks to make the car look almost brand new just like it did when you first drove it out of the store.

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A easy car wash eliminates dirt around the outside of your vehicle, and should you clean out the inside you may catch a few of the dirt having a vacuum cleaner, however, car detailing takes this process much farther. But at AAA Auto Spa our services like Luxury Car Detailing Package includes buffing, polishing,full deodorizing and removing harsh winter salt due to Toronto’s weather and make your vehicle ready for display in virtually any showroom.

As there are no set guidelines, you will observe a great variety concerning the services contained in a complete detail.

At AAA AUTO SPA, our complete detail package is made up of an exterior detailing with clay treatment and high-end wax and polish,engine detailing and advanced interior cleaning together with stain removal and leather treatment in addition to dressing all the plastics.

Should You Wash Your Car?

Car detailing is Toronto is a must because of the winter weather, snow and related maintenance such as salt os the roads of GTA. Washing and drying is the foundation of virtually any detail, whether it’s only keeping your automobile with a wash and dry or the start of a lengthy detailing procedure. It is often overlooked that properly washing and drying your own vehicle is the single most crucial step in almost any detailing procedure. This is a result of the simple fact that the majority of imperfections (swirls, scrapes , water stains , etc.) are added into a paint throughout the washing and drying stage but We are here to help, you can call today to book your appointment to install your paint protection film.  With the right tools, technique and products, it is simple to minimize adding imperfections to your paint. There are many methods you may utilize to properly correct the paint of your vehicle and to clean your car, which is explained below in detail.

Pre-wash Degreasing

When heavy contamination has built up with time, you might choose to utilize a more powerful cleaner than just your shampoo, such as a degreaser, to help break up and loosen grime, tar, sap, bird droppings, and other stubborn kinds of contamination. At AAA Auto Spa we use the best and safest cleaning solutions to make sure everybody is safe and well protected.

It is usually best to degrease prior to shampooing your vehicle, in order that you shampoo your automobile, it implies there isn’t any chemical remaining on your car. 

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Traditional Two Bucket Wash

Employing the two bucket wash system is one of the safest methods to keep your automobile shine while minimizing the chance of adding imperfections to the paint. It’s quite beneficial to master this procedure as it may be used along with other washing procedures, for example washing with a foam gun and utilizing a rinseless shampoo.

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The sheeting process

The sheeting process is a very simple procedure which enables you to dry all your automobile without needing to get the paint using a drying towel. The principal idea behind the sheeting system is to produce a cascading effect in which the water flowing on the automobile unites with the water on the surface, pulling it off of the vehicle. Simple physics countries that like particles adhere together, which explains precisely why this technique is so successful. When done properly, particularly on a car with a wax or sealant onto it, you’re left with only a couple drops of water on every panel, which can readily be consumed along with your drying towel.

Rinseless Wash 

The latest in car wash and detailing technology enables you to clean your car without the need of a hose for rinsing afterward. You still require water for sure, but only one or two buckets full will do. This enables you to clean your vehicle in your own garage, in a flat complex or condo, or almost anywhere you can fill up a few gallons of water. . Keep your car clean and save the environment at precisely the same time with this paint safe, eco-friendly manner of washing cars.

Waterless Wash 

Here is the perfect measure to use a day or two following a wash when there is only a coating of light dust in your own paint. Waterless wash choices are easy, rapid and effective. These goods are like quick detailers, loaded with cleaners to help remove light contamination without marring your finish. Our two most Well-known products are Poorboy’s Spray & Wipe and Chemical Guys Go Green! They are most often used with plush microfiber towels. Please know that this doesn’t replace conventional washes. On heavily polluted vehicles, you will add marring and swirls to the end, waterless cubes are intended to eliminate a coating of light dust .

Iron Removers 

Iron removers safely and efficiently dissolve iron buildup onto the paint or embedded inside. Utilizing an iron remover minimizes or eliminates the need to get a clay bar. Clay bars can mar the paint and have a whole lot of time to utilize, so iron removers are extremely effective by comparison. Upon conclusion the paint ought to be cleaner, thus improving the outcomes of your polishing and protecting steps.

Interior Car Detailing by AAA Auto Spa 

Taking care of your interior is at least as crucial as your exterior. We all spend time within your vehicle and your passengers frequently take notice of just how clean, or not so clean, your interior is for example when you pickup a business associate or a friend. It is important to protect your interior trim and leather from harmful UV rays that may possibly dry out and fade your inside and also protect from salt and snow that we have in Toronto and Canada. Keep your interior looking like new so you enjoy getting into your vehicle each and every time.

Most interior trim (dashboard, console, doors, etc.) includes a combination of vinyl, plastic, rubber and leather, that may be cared for by lots of the same goods, so there’s no requirement to get a product for each part. Some products are strictly meant for cleaning, some are only for protecting and others have a mix of both. Generally products strictly meant for cleaning or protection are more effective than alternatives that do both. If you want a serious cleaning then we highly recommend picking up a separate cleaner and protectant. If your vehicle is well preserved than you may have the ability to use a cleaner and protectant in one jar for maintenance cleanings.

Stunning leather is synonymous with clean leather and once the leather is looking its best it’s a source of enormous pride for auto owners. Leather seats are one of the very first things we notice when entering a car and dirty seats not only look bad but it can damage the long-term health of these seats. Modern day leather could be included from a variety of natural and synthetic materials. Not many vehicles actually use just raw leather and several have a coat on them to help protect against wear and tear. All these material tend to be drying out and breaking down over time so routine maintenance is vital.

Caring for virtually any type of chair involves the same basic steps which are cleaning, protection and conditioning. Inevitably over time dirt, dust, individual oils, etc.. work themselves deep into the chairs and can be very hard to eliminate. A fantastic leather cleaner ought to be able to safely separate those contaminants and help bring them into the surface for removal. An excellent leather conditioner can keep the leather soft and flexible yet robust and durable. Cleaners and sprays should not leave a shiny or oily finish behind. Finally some security can help stop UV fading whilst preserving the color and finish for decades to come. With appropriate care the chairs will look and feel outstanding year round when raising the resale value.

At AAA Auto Spa we are proud of our friendly staff and great customer service so if you have any questions about our services,packages and pricing please contact us at (647)848-3223 and one of our friendly and professional staff will be happy to assist you.