Best Winter Auto Detailing Tips

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Once again it’s below zero degrees and winter detailing can be tricky if you’re dealing with below freezing temperatures and tons of road salt. I like to focus on protection during these winter months and worry less about how beautiful of my paint looks by using tough and durable sealants. These winter detailing tips will hopefully make your winter car care a little easier and give you new ideas to play around with and try for yourself. Depending on your skill level some of these tips will be old news, but hopefully, throughout the next couple of blogs there will be at least a few tips that help you more.

 Winter Detailing Tips

  1. It’s best to remove salt from your vehicle as soon as possible. Salt is notorious for prematurely degrading and damaging waxes and sealants.
  2. Use hot water in your wash bucket to help loosen salt and dirt. The warm water also won’t instantly freeze on your vehicle in the colder temperatures and it will help to keep your hands warmer while washing.
  3. Rinseless and waterless washes are great options when the temperature is too cold to use running water. They can be done just about everywhere and do not require any running water beside for filling your initial bucket with rinse less wash solution.
  4. Wear a pair of nitrile gloves over top of your winter gloves to keep your hands dry and toasty.
  5. Use a spray wax or sealant after your wash to help refortify your wax or sealant previously applied.
  6. If you have salt stain on your carpets, floor mats or seats use a solution of half water and half distilled vinegar to remove them. It could take multiple scrubbing sessions and applications to completely remove some salt stains.
  7. Be careful when using ice scrapers. They are designed to safely remove ice and snow from windows, not from paint or plastic surfaces   Please call (647)848-3223 to book your next appointment.