Professional Paint Correction Toronto

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Paint Correction is a process of delicately removing micro scratches and swirls through machine polishing or buffing. Paint Correction involves removing the top layer of paint usually only between one and 3 microns is require to be removed to achieve correction. Paint Correction requires a high degree of skill and concentration. Removing the scratches, surface imperfections requires slow removal of microscopic layers of clear coat to level out the paint surface. Compounding stage specifically formulated liquids that, when added to the rotating pad of a buffing or polishing machine slowly shave down the clear coat surface. We always take paint depth readings using the PosiTest DFT Combo paint thickness gauge to make sure there is enough clear coat on the surface. If done properly correction leaves clarity and pure reflections on your car's paint. Automotive Paint Correction is recommended for vehicles in average condition with medium scratches, swirling, faded or oxidized paint. Paint Correction Tools We use various high-quality microfiber, wool, foam pads along with the best polishes available in the detailing industry for paint systems recommended by car manufacturers and detailing industry. With our refined techniques and experience, we will level out imperfections, recondition your car’s paint and leave it with an unparalleled gloss and slickness. Paint Protection Once the painted surface is perfected, it is now ready for a protective layer. Protection comes in the form of waxes and paints sealants. Both will protect the painted surface from acid rain, fallout, bird droppings and tree sap. A paint sealant is a synthetic polymer that will provide a high gloss finish yet will last much longer than a wax – up to 3-6 months in some cases. Taking the sealant process one step further is a new automotive technology called Paint Coatings it’s job is bond to factory clear coat to provide a semi-permanent protective layer. Here at AAA Auto Spa, we specialize in a specific protective ceramic coating that is approximately 100 times thicker than typical wax and sealant products. After proper application paint coating protect the factory clear coat from harsh chemicals and environmental fallout, provide increased scratch resistance, easy maintenance, and permanent gloss

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